Holomia is proud to be the first Real360 - 3D scanning Virtual reality service provider in Vietnam that changes the reality of the real estate market. Real360 showcase is an advancement that has been talking Real Estate Virtual Tours to the next level, giving perspective and "feel" emotional connection with the property that has beren lacked in 360 panoramas and fly-through videos. It's the most immersive and comprehensive way to explore interior spaces with 3D.
Dollhouse view show how the entire space fits together with its proprietary view. The dollhouse view is a 3D version of the floor plan that allows potential buyers to see the flow of the house from all angles. The allows the buyers an opportunity to step back and view the house from a distance - but with the wall still up, encourages them to visualize the available space within each room. The 3D concept is a more realistic view and allows the buyers to easily and effectively determine whether the space meets his or her needs and desires
Walk-through view (Inside view) allow a buyer to feel like they are actually moving through a space. With Real360, viewing a home is like using Google Street View indoors. The 3D walk through allow you to view every inch of the property in glorious HD 360-degree way. You can smoothly glide from the entryway, through every room. Even moving up or down stairway is as simple as clicking through. Viewers can virtually walk through the home on their computer or mobile device.
Floor plan view allows the viewers to see the measurements and better grasp the concept of space in the rooms, with the added benefit of the inclusion of fumiture.
We scan your property with the Pro 3D camera.
After a quick turnaround, your complete 3D model is ready to explore.
Anyon can completely engage with your listing on mobile or desktop, using only a browser.

1. 3D Models
A Real360 3D Scan from Holomia will help your customers to experience the property as close to real as it gets.
2. Video Walkthroughs
Video Walk-throughs of the 3D model provide an interactive view of the property and present the highlight reels in a dynamic and cinematic way.
3. Dollhouse view & Floor plans
Accurate Floor Plans, measurements will be generated from your 3D Scan. The property is also dislayed in a dollhouse three-dimensional view from above.
4. Stunning Photography
Get 3 High-resolution, wide-screen photographs taken directly from the 3D model for Free
5. Share and engage with embedded code
Grab the code snippet and insert it into your site just as easy as you would a video iframe and shared via social media, email or text. No downloads or plugins needed. Embed it right on your own web page so viewers can explore without ever leaving your site.
6. Long Term Hosting
Holomia offers free hosting for the first year to save your 3D Scans and Model long term.
7. iOS App 3D
Showcase for iOS is a powerful tool for leveraging Real360 content anywhere. It's totally free.
We recommend combining Real360 showcase service with any of our premium services.
Web Site Development
Upgrade your web presence. Our web developers have the experience to find the right solution for you.
Virtual Reality System - VR headset
To view Real360 3D Spaces in virtual reality, we offer end to end service through a compatible virtual reality headset with the VR Showcase app installed. Let's your customers experience total immersion right from the VR headset.